The Best Fat Burners-The 3 Most Successful Diet Pills

Fat burners are usually the most effective way to reduce weight through diet supplements. However, in the past, fat burners were often viewed in a negative light, especially because of the many adverse reactions caused by the banned Ephedra pills. Nowadays, fat burners are only similar in effect but wholly dissimilar in composition as their primary ingredients are based on the principle of thermogenesis.

Modern thermogenic fat burners increase the metabolic rate, thus increasing the rate at which body fat is turned into energy and body heat. This process also raises the rate at which the body consumes its own fatty deposits while it fully burns the daily calorie intake.

Best fat burner

The best thing about the new generation of thermogenic fat burners is that they are free of unpleasant side effects, thus relieving people of symptoms related to headaches, heart rhythm or insomnia.

At this point in time, the three best fat burner seem to be Phen375, Capsiplex Plus and Zotrim. They can achieve a weight loss up to 5 lbs a week which can be further enhanced through a balanced diet plan or an exercise programme.

Phen375 is a potent, pharmaceutical-grade best fat burner which, unlike the banned Ephedra diet pills, is safe to use and it retains similar levels of effectiveness. It is also considered to be equally safe as the natural, herbal-based fat burners. Dieters can expect a weight-loss result up to 5 lbs per week.

Capsiplex Plus is a totally natural, herbal-based diet pill. It builds upon the already very successful Capsiplex, with a new advanced formula. This has to do with the addition of the natural amino-acid 5-HTP which increases serotonin levels in the human body. Serotonin in turn, provides a general feeling of contentment and wellbeing while it increases the sense of fullness, thus providing an additional appetite suppression effect. This dual approach of fat burning and appetite suppression makes Capsiplex Plus our second choice as a top best fat burner.

Zotrim is our third choice and is a fairly straight forward best fat burner that is quite popular in the UK since it is on the market for over 10 years. Its natural composition renders it safe and dieters trust it and recommend it. It is also a very affordable slimming supplement.

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